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The Prenancy DVD

It's more than Just Photographs of your pregnancy
Set to music...
It's the greatest way to remember
how beautiful and sensual motherhood really is!

DancingWeb Video

DVD Photo Sessions $200

1. Artistic session of yourself
2. With your significant other
3. Once your baby has arrived!

At no additional cost we can add Progression Pregnancy Sessions every two weeks
This DVD allows you to hold on to the wonderful moments and experiences of this time in your life. By combining still images from your pregnancy through the birth of your child and blending them together with copyright free music, we create a lasting memory and treasure for you.

Gradual Growth Video

Video coverage in any of the three sessions!

Music Video Chapters $150 Each
A sequence of images blended and combined with music.

Prints may also be purchased from any of the sessions.

The music that we use is all copyright free.

Dad and Baby Video