I started my photographic career at the age of seven when my Grandfather, who was an amateur photographer for most of his life, taught me how to develop film and print in black and white. Through my college years I photographed many different subjects from portraiture to rock concerts and sports. My favorite subject always being nature. After graduating college, I worked at an accounting firm for a year; it took me that long to realize that it was not for me. I decided to get serious about photography and enrolled at Brooks Institute of Photography. There I honed my black and white skills. After a while I became frustrated because my images started looking the same as the work of my classmates. The real turning point for me was when my Industrial Scientific instructor gave my class an assignment to use infra-red film. After completing the assignment, there were about seven frames left on the roll and I went out to photograph nature with them. Unsure of what results to expect, once I made prints from the negatives I was hooked! I knew I had found my photographic love. The results are quite different from conventional black & white films and there is always some element of mystery. Even after working with the film for 15 years, I still never know exactly what is going to happen. Infra-red film allows me to capture reality, a different reality our eyes canít see, in concert with capturing the surreal.


Menlo College BS

Brooks Institute of Photography BA

Royal Photographic Society, Bath, England ARPS

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